Monday, October 31, 2011

The lessons M.S. is teaching me

One is finding a better way to deal with stress, how to avoid stressful thinking and I hope to learn how to still think about the things in life that come up but without so much stress and having that stress ruin my energy.
Last week my thoughts revisited my financial worries of being unable to work and that Social Security, when it finally does start, won't be enough to live on, and my mind just goes off in a tumbling knotted ball of worry.

I tell myself the good things I have learned and read about dealing with stress and worry. I remembered a quote by Dan Zadra that states, “Worry is a misuse of the imagination.” But then I fight back with thoughts of, “But I have to think about this stuff. This stuff has to be dealt with. These problems are real.” Sometimes the good thoughts and knowledge I have encountered don't replace my fears and worries with any comfort.----------------------My worry is stronger. That's because my mind is powerful.

So I see, I can use the strength in my mind to channel my mind for how it's the complete BEST for me in my thinking.

So now I have decided, as I have before but need to practice again, to schedule my worry time instead of having it be the ongoing nag in the back of my head. I'll schedule an hour or so only once a week that I allow myself to think of the things that need to be thought about but stress me out, so when a worry comes up randomly, I can think, “Shush, go away, I will think about you on Thursday.” But most importantly before I open those worry doors on my allowed worry time and let the worries zoom in, I will meditate, do breathing exercises and achieve a calm mind. I see I can choose which emotions I want to put on situations that happen and I will continue to practice, practice, and practice this idea. Then from my calm center I can look at the problems and ask myself, "How important is this? Is this really going to happen? What if something works out? What would I like to have happen?"

I will remember to take a deep breath often and think slowly. I heard singing about our worries is a way to calm them down so maybe I will sing in a slow calming melody and slowly state my thoughts. This could help disect the gnarled tangle of thoughts that have offshoots connecting to other worries. I will try to break the thoughts down to smaller pieces so I can see what is REALLY there and what is just an intertangled worry that has no real ground to stand on and take up space.

I am learning to sit back breathe, relax, let my worring go and calmly tell myself, “There is a way it will ALL work out,” and feel the peace of it even if I still don't have answers. Even if I don't have answers to what to do about my situation I can still sing about it to get the feelings of worry out. Perhaps that will help bring me back to peace.

I remember the song by Paul McCartney, Let It Be.

So finding peace even in times of worry is a lesson my MS wants me to truimph.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and honesty. I am a champion worrier and I can truly attest to immense stress it has caused me. My prayers for you will be to follow your words and channel your energy. I like the words "Let it Be". Blessings to you...

  2. You can do it! Remember not to stress about things not within your control, try thinking outside the box. There maybe choices out there that aren't great but may work. Stay open with your positive outlook it will workout have faith in yourself.

  3. Thank you both for your comments and encouragement.

  4. Not sure if this will help, on my blog on April 20th 2011 #14 Reflections The thing about worry, years ago I also worried about everything until I wrote this. mkm

  5. Great! Very true and helpful to remember. I try to keep to constructive helpful thought but sometimes it slips into the evasive ether of worry and sneaks in. So I am training myself to see it and stop it....but it will take practice to wrestle this etheral beast of worry. I'm gearing up with my strenth of positive thoughts and feelings.

  6. I glad to hear, worry is a hard to let go of for, I do still worry but about the things that are within my control. Sending a smile of understanding your way. take it easy.

  7. Did you realize that i wasn't following you? I really do have a brain disease!!! lol!!!
    You write the truth! It is so hard not to worry with MS. But we have to always think it will work out. What else can we do?

  8. Hi Daniella, I did think that it was weird not to see you there but you're there now. : ) It's the maze of hidden thoughts in the M.S. brain, LOL. It offers us gifts of rediscovery.

    Thank you for your response. I wish to all of us the guidance of comfort to get us through any hard times. : )

  9. Hello!!
    I hope you are well~!
    I have to write you back, but I have been going to so many doctors and having so many tests because of the pills. I start on the 30th. ugh.
    I hope? to write you very soon!!!
    You are awesome!!