Sunday, October 23, 2011

Charisma of Full Essence

Yesterday I saw part of the Superfest Disability film festival showcase.
It was inspirational.

The first film I saw was Loud, Proud and Passionate. It was a march of people with many different types of disabilities from many countries were singing and chanting their pride. Seeing their smiles, community, happiness and pride about being disabled was uplifting.

Some were blind, some deaf, some had physical disabilities they were born with. They looked so happy and their acceptance and pride was empowering and I cried. I was in public but didn't care. It felt good to cry. Mostly it was from happiness but some from sadness of my disabled life change. I realized and felt pride these are my people now since I don't fit into my past world and my ability to earn an income and my previous identity is gone because it's unattainable.

I see I don't and won't ever fit into my previous world that so many people I know and see everyday in the world get to be in. Seeing the film of these disabled people I saw this is my world, my new world. These are my people, I am like them. Seeing their acceptance, smiles and happiness brought on a lot of emotion for me.

Then I saw Voices from El Sayed. It's the largest deaf community in the world. It's in the Negev Desert in Israel.

Then I saw, The Greatest Show on Earth.

That film was about a deaf woman who wants to dance in the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and has to win a competitive try out. With my balance problems I will never be able to do much dancing but it was still uplifting to watch and feel the contagiousness of their happiness. I felt it too.

I do look for the goodness in everyday and things to be grateful for and it feels great to in some way be able to feel my charisma of full essence.


  1. Hello Holly: I came over for a visit from Daniella's blog and your smile and optimism is contagious. Serene Sunday to you...

  2. Thank you Createology for visiting and your comment. I liked what you said on Daniella last post.

    It's like finding the magic in everyday. You see and create that magic with your boas, creations and wise kind words.

    Thank you and a Serene Sunday to you as well.