Thursday, October 6, 2011

Synchronicity of Smiling

The day after my last post my driver of the Mobility Plus van, which is a door to door service for the disabled, randomly brought up in conversation his use of smiling and feeling happy. We talked about the healing power of smiling. I mentioned how smiling while thinking about a problem changes my emotions about it.

The power of receiving a smile is like receiving a gift. One day I was walking down the street, a sweet elderly lady smiled at me and it was the best part of my day that day. The kindness of strangers and the lasting power of receiving a smile can be amazing.

I remember studying in massage school that body and emotions are connected such as how depressed people slouch. Standing up straight, having shoulders back and down helps to open the chest and gives someone more confidence. I have experienced how smiling even a little with my lips closed and eyebrows slightly elevated can change my mood and my thoughts. When I have a smile on my face, my negativity and worried thoughts go away or at least lessen. Something about that, I guess because the muscles have memory so making a happy face brings happier emotions.

I love the alignment of life, how thinking, speaking or writing about something then it reappears again in life soon afterward. This is the synchronicity of life. Life is listening and responding.

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