Saturday, October 1, 2011

Off balance blood draw

Blood draw as routine part of M.S. test for my Vitamin D levels. It's another wobbly day. I make my way in and sit, good so far getting to the chair, I roll up the sleeve and place my arm in foam arm elevator they use for blood drawing. It goes well, I can sit here OK and won't fall over. Then the blood draw is over and I stand up to leave, put on my two jackets, then bend over to pick up my bag that I laid on the floor. I fall forward and knock the foam arm holder off onto the floor, I try to catch it quickly but end up stumbling into the trash can where they dispose their gloves after drawing blood. All these blue latex gloves fall out onto the floor. I think, I am a mess, causing a mess, and the need for sterile clean up. The lady is nice and calmly says it's OK, she'll take care of it. I successfully pick up my bag this time by holding onto the desk, I apoligize and cautiosly take steps out of the room not to knock into anything else with my off balance gait. Whew, off balance and clumbsy are new forms of me to see as an occurring event. People are going to start dreading when they see me approaching. This is so great for my self esteem.

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