Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom talks about f.e.a.r. and calmness

Last night I had a good talk with my mom. We were talking about me worrying and getting down about things and being worried about not having enough money to life on and dealing with my case worker. She said something so helpful.

She said, "Worry and fear go together. When you are worried about something it's about the fear of something that you are trying to avoid. Think of the word fear. How it's spelled? Spell it."

"Ok," I said, "fear, f.e.a.r."

She asked, "Do you know what the f stands for?"

"No," I replied.

She said, "F stands for false.

E stands for,"

She broke the letters down to me.

f. false

e. evidence

a. appears

r. real

"This is what makes us worry," she said. 

This does make more sense to me now.

She told me to stay in my good mind and good energy and feel those good emotions. Don't worry about the what if's or what doom I may think is going to happen or how bummed I will be if it does happen.

We talked a lot about the things that make us happy and to do those things more often even if I have things I'm working through with my case worker and my finances, still take the time to be creative, write or draw, create something since that is calming and keeps the other part of the brain exercising and functioning.

These are things I think but it's nice to hear it from my mom. That makes it even more real and not just a quiet thought alone in my head. Just thinking about it doesn't always mean I do it and many, many times I haven't taken the time.

Creating something is relaxing, even if I just draw some not so good pictures or just draw designs, it's a connection to a different part of my brain and it feels good. I will try to do more of those types of things. I can plan and set a time when I can and will do something like that. Even if it's just 5-10 minutes of doodling, I can do that and I may even get out the crayons for some color. ; )

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  1. Awesome post!!
    I too might have used a different word for "f"!! LOL!!
    YES! Be creative!!! Jot something down! Doodle, Journal it!!!
    You are awesome!