Sunday, January 1, 2012


Too tired at 10:30pm to stay up until midnight to see our fireworks here in California. I was ready to call it a new year and go to bed, so I thought of other places that have already had theirs, New York and other East Coast states. I went to to see if any were posted on there. I came across some but the prize winning for me that night was Sydney Australian fireworks.

They had great aerial and ground views. An amorous lengthy line of purple, pink, yellow, white, red and more bountifully colored fireworks from numerous places up to the Sydney Opera House was BEAUTIFUL and a sudden thought came to me about the natural energy light that's inside me in many places all throughout my body.

I have been trying to get in touch with my inner strength and best mindset. I am trying to work on my energy not only my physical energy but also my mind, thoughts, attitude and emotional comfort of this M.S. life and this huge life change.

That long line of fireworks in Sydney Australia gave me a keen spark of transcendental understanding. That was a great sight and feeling for beginning a New Year and a New Attitude.

I happily curled up in bed early. I had my New Years and would wake up to a great tomorrow. I wish us all a great year.


  1. I totally believe in the light inside of us. I try to think of that light as power. If I concentrate on visualization and white light, it helps me to say "I can do it!!" Instead of my 2011 mindset "Nevermind".
    You are so awesome my friend! Keep that spark alive!

  2. I put your awesome doodle on my MS blog!
    Hope you are well!