Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Begining Symptoms

Beginning symptoms

Standing in a friends backyard I kept feeling like I was going to fall backwards. I leaned against the fence and we laughed how how weird it was I was feeling that way and we joked it must be because in the pavement covered city of San Francisco I was used to walking on pavement and not standing on grass. I didn't know I had M.S.

One day I couldn't move my left arm which was a problem since I was a massage therapist and needed both arms to do my job. I thought it was related to being car doored when riding my bicycle in 2004 which tore my left anterior Deltoid muscle.

Physical therapy helped me get back to my career then but it didn't help in 2008 when I was living in Oakland, CA. Actually I was told by an aware physical therapist I failed physical therapy and he said there was probably something nerve related going on. By this time I needed help getting dressed and cooking and opening my Advil bottle. I told the doctors. They told me to take Advil every 4 hours it will get better eventually.

My neck hurt and when my girlfriend massaged it I asked her to press as hard on the left side as the right side. She said she was, I couldn't feel it. I told the Doc; he didn't think anything of it.

Then I started walking into walls. I would pick up my left foot and my mind would think I was going to walk forward but my foot would go to the side and I'd crash into the wall. Reaching for something was similar like reaching for a CD my hand would go to the side to another CD even though I was looking and mentally intending to reach for where I was looking. Also the fatigue began, sometimes sleeping many hours during the day, I wasn't depressed just tired. Doc didn't think anything about my fatigue, walking into walls, unable to pick up things I was looking at, neck hurting and not feeling the pressure on my left side of my neck. Nope just take the Advil, it will get better eventually.

Then when sitting with a neurologist looking at a MRI of my neck and shoulder I noticed a little white dot on my neck and pointed it out. He didn't think anything of it!!!! HELLO THAT IS M.S.!!!! He is a Orthro neurologist. I have learned that specialized medicine is very DANGEROUS!

So M.S. continued to eat my body and I wasn't diagnosed until 2011. Now M.S. has taken so much I can't work full time or make enough to live on even with S.S.D.I. so I'm struggling looking for a part time job I can do with my M.S. fatigue and changed concentration abilities.

Specialized medical areas NEED to understand the FULL body not just their area. This is my call to us M.S.ers to ask to have proper fully trained doctors in all areas even in county hospitals and everywhere.

The body is ONE COMPLETE UNIT and must be understood. It does no good to have people deteriorate when there is a way to catch problems and keep people able to live their full potential.

A healthy nation and world is one of compassion and full health for all! Not just about medical cost and pharmaceutical companies.

Look how much of their money, if that's all they care about, could have been saved as well as my anguish and pain and loss of life abilities at a young working age of 40, if all were educated completely about M.S. I had enough M.S. symptoms they should have seen the signs and looked into it and clarified M.S. and save me and their money.

This is what I call for-- M.S. Education and Recognition in ALL departments and hospitals! Catching and halting M.S. and all diseases! As it is better for ALL PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES!


  1. I agree for me first signs were there, 20 years before DX Doctor counted at least 20 times it was missed. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and that's the problem isn't it.

  2. Yes hindsight is often 20/20. LOL. Always learning.

    I hope to have the M.S. signs more quickly realized so the disease can be stopped in it's beginning.